Sales points and collaborations

History of collaborations and news of the brand.
Orcival chooses its collaborations carefully, to offer its customers authentic products with a history, defending the same values as the historical brand.

A selective distribution

Orcival only retails through select shops being able to underline the quality & genuineness of the French marinière.

Orcival relies on strong, valuable partners, exclusive distributor in Japan, regarding the Asian market.
Faithful to its long history, the French workshop seeks win-win, long-term partnerships, emphasizing customers’ satisfaction and its brand image, favoring quality to volume.

Orcival est distribuée à travers les meilleurs select shop du monde
Collaboration Orcival x Birkenstock

Exclusive collaboration in Japan with Birkenstock

A quick introduction of Birkenstock company:
Founded in 1774 by Johann Birkenstock, the family-shoemaking business became renowned in 1896: Konrad Birkenstock (Johann's great-great-grandson) designs the first contoured insole, the first orthopedic shoe & sold to medics. In 1964 Karl Birkenstock released his first athletic sandal with a flexible footbed named Madrid. The BIRKENSTOCK sandals were also very common amid monks, looking for simplicity and comfort.

This medical-focused shoemaker expanded its activities in the 90’s to tap casual consumers and turned its sandal into a staple of German fashion.

The chore values of the two brands, the production in Europe got the two brands to carry out a collaboration in the Japanese market about a sandal branded OrcivalxBirkenstock, design ARIZONA.

This sandal ARIZONA recalls the legendary two-strap sandal, modeled on the cork original. Even if cork is not used anymore, the ARIZONA remains absorbing, waterproof, and skin-friendly, while keeping the full advantages of cork: lightweight and highly flexibility. Just perfect to wear for strolling, shopping, or after workouts with a comfy Orcival striped shirt.

Hardy Amies - The famous English tailor of Savile Row

Few tailors got the privilege to dress the King; Sir Hardy Amies was one of these happy few.
Founded 1946 by Sir Hardy Amies, this house, by virtue of its address as well as its history, is a part of the iconic history of British textiles.
It was the fashion house that contacted the French manufacturer to propose this collaboration. The collaboration consisted in the realization of an exclusive model on which the two brands appear. Embellished with a chest pocket often in contrast with the authentic mariniere, it fits perfectly with the so-british clothes proposed by the London house.

The authentic marinière associated with the Queen's taylor: it was a collaboration that immediately found its customers. The products are still very much in demand on the second hand market.

Collaboration Orcival x Hardy Amies


CLOSED was founded by Marithé et François Girbaud in 1978, two fashion icons who were the first to “stonewash” garments (mostly denim jeans) in order to provide them a special patina. Closed is widely renowned for the x-pocket, and pedal pushers.

In 2018, on a proposal of François Girbaud, a collobaration was decided between CLOSED, Orcival and VETRA, the household name for French workwear and a family-business run by the 4th generation, manufacturing like Orcival 100% in France.
The idea was mixing the savoir-faire to create a line of French Workwear iconic staples and genuine savoir-faire: manufacturing of weaved jackets & pants for VETRA, manufacturing of knitted tops for Orcival, stonewashing for CLOSED.

These limited series are highly sought by connoisseurs of meaningful garments.


BEAMS COUTURE is a brand new branch of the worldwide famous BEAMS brand founded by Etsuzo Shitara, focusing on the upcycling trend ; vintage garments of the biggest names of the fashion industry, stored in the BEAMS "hall of fame" are reshaped in a "haute couture" version.

In 2022 BEAMS COUTURE x ORCIVAL created a fashionable and vivid collection through high-fashion marinières : checked sailor tops, sailor shirts with musketeer sleeves, loose striped dresses...

Shop 1 rue commines Paris

An authentic shop in Paris

Orcival is distributed in a historical point of sale in Paris.

A L'O - 1905 - Paris, at 92 rue de Turenne in "Le Marais".

Historical place and point of sale, it is the meeting of historical stories between a brand and a Parisian store founded in 1905.
Find its history and opening hours on its website!

The Tokyo Orcival official store

Orcival opened its very first boutique in 2024 in Tokyo, Japan.

The Orcival brand has been distributed for over 20 years by the best fashion boutiques throughout Japan.
Conscious of the authenticity and quality of the French bee brand's products, Japanese consumers are loyal to the historic brand of the true marinière. This is the reason for opening the store in the land of the rising sun.
The first Orcival boutique is located in Tokyo, in Jingumae in the Shibuya-ku district.

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